OREANDA-NEWSThe price of a barrel of oil produced in Mexico on Tuesday fell by 22.4% to $ 18.78. Such data from the state oil and gas company Pemex published on its Mexican newspaper.

Such a strong decline, according to analysts at Base, is caused by concern over the spread of the new coronavirus and its possible impact on the global economy. The Mexican Stock Exchange completed trading at 36.86 thousand points, which is 3.21% lower than the results of the previous session.

The official exchange rate of Mexico on Wednesday again updated the historical minimum against the US dollar. During trading on the interbank foreign exchange market, 23.22 pesos were offered for the dollar. The official exchange rate set by the Bank of Mexico is 23.05 pesos per dollar. To date, a total of 82 cases of new coronavirus infection have been identified in Mexico. The authorities announced the first infected patient on February 28.