OREANDA-NEWS. Specialists from the Canadian company Inkas have released an armored version of the luxury Bentley Bentayga crossover.  The novelty is not afraid of explosions and can withstand a blast of 2 grenades at a time.  The car was refitted according to the sixth safety class: it was not fired at by 7.62 caliber bullets, which were used to load a Kalashnikov assault rifle, as well as a one-time explosion of two hand grenades under the bottom of an SUV.

 The basic equipment has additional protection for the battery and control unit, a more modernized suspension, as well as tires that can continue to move even after a puncture.

  Customers have the opportunity to improve the configuration by adding options to it as they wish.

 As an option, a smoke screen system and a fire fighting function in the engine compartment are available.  The cost of the armored car amounted to 500 thousand dollars.