OREANDA-NEWS. Ozon has apologised to buyers and sellers for a technical glitch on its website, which caused the price of some products on the marketplace to drop to RUB 1. Orders were placed at abnormally low prices, which the company eventually cancelled. Ozon posted a message on its Telegram channel.

"Sorry about the stressful online night. It's very disappointing that a lot of customers didn't receive the goods. And we appreciate that most have been sympathetic to the situation. We think it deserves a special status - for the "bestselling" month of the year, every customer whose order was cancelled due to the disruption on November 1 will become a Premium Buyer. And for those who already have a subscription, we will extend it for another month,"- the company said.

Ozon also assured retailers that cancelled orders will not be counted in their quality metrics, the marketplace will also bear the costs of moving the goods.

The Ozon disruption occurred on the night of November 1. One of the owners of shops that place items on Ozon reported to vc.ru that at midnight in two of its shops many items became priced between 1 and 50 rubles. Also, 78.ru, citing an Ozon user, wrote that prices for more than a hundred products dropped by almost 98%.

Ozon later confirmed to vc.ru that the unplanned drop in prices was due to a glitch. "The system started offering customers some promotional items at prices the retailers didn't have. We quickly halted the promotion to sort out what was wrong,"- they explained.

Orders placed at the wrong prices were cancelled and customers started getting refunds. "We have already started refunding money to customers and it is sent almost instantly on our end. Usually it takes two or three days for the money to reach the customer's account or card, depending on the bank,"- they commented at Ozon.