OREANDA-NEWS  To the Russian brand Cha U Kao, a resident of the national REC store at the JD site.hk in China, the certificate "Made in Russia" was solemnly awarded on June 20 at the ceremony of laying a "time capsule" at the construction site of the high-tech Nuolab cosmetics factory, the Russian Export Center (VEB.RF Group) reports.

"This year, the REC plans to launch a special campaign to promote Russian cosmetics presented in national stores under the brand "Made in Russia" on Chinese marketplaces. To promote and stimulate sales, videos will be created for Chinese social networks and popular Chinese bloggers and representatives of Russian companies directly will be involved," the message says.

To become a part of the large-scale program of promoting the national brand abroad implemented by the REC, Cha U Kao passed the procedure of voluntary certification "Made in Russia" and received the right to apply an export "bird" to products and packaging.

"Cooperation with the REC has opened the doors to the Chinese e-commerce market for us literally in a short time. With their help, we have already received the "Made in Russia" quality certificate, which is a great achievement for us. We plan to continue to actively work with REC, we are confident that this will help us successfully promote our products abroad," said Timur Khamidulin, head of the export department of Cha U Kao.

"The REC National Stores program has greatly helped us to enter the international market. Obtaining the "Made in Russia" certificate is not only a confirmation of the quality of our products, but also an important step for export. We are grateful for this opportunity and are confident that our cooperation with the REC will bring even more success," said Anton Telyshev, investor and founder of Cha U Kao.

Obtaining the "Made in Russia" certificate and launching the construction of a new production facility open a new milestone in the global development of the Russian cosmetics manufacturer.

To get a certificate and participate in the promotion, submit an application on the REC website.

To place yourself in national REC stores on international marketplaces and sell your goods abroad, switch to the state digital platform "My Export".