OREANDA-NEWS. The Russians told what an ideal home looks like. Most of the respondents dream of living in their own two-story house, even if their income does not allow it, according to a survey by Yandex.Realty, the results of which are cited by Lenta.ru.

Most of the respondents aged 18 and over indicated a country house with two floors as suitable for themselves - 48 percent of a thousand respondents. Living in an apartment suits 27 percent of Russians, a quarter of the adult survey participants voted for the option with a townhouse within the city.

According to analysts, only 15 percent of respondents own housing outside the city. 81 percent of survey participants live in apartments, the remaining four percent - in urban private houses. Among the main requirements for housing, which are voiced by Russians, is a developed infrastructure (63 percent of people answered this way), in second place is the security of the area (61 percent).

Transport infrastructure and noise level in the area became significant conditions for a comfortable life for 56 percent of respondents, for 39 percent of Russians who participated in the survey among the criteria for suitable real estate - kindergartens, schools and clinics nearby.

More than half of Russians believe that there should be at least one room per person in a family. It is important for 63 percent of the respondents that the housing has a spacious kitchen, a spacious balcony or loggia (58 percent). Good neighbors also affect the quality of life in a house or apartment, according to 56 percent of respondents. Every fifth resident of Russia pays attention to the convenience of home for people with disabilities, mothers with small children. Almost every third respondent wants to change their place of residence, the rest are satisfied with their house or apartment.