OREANDA-NEWS  A pilot project to create a Moscow digital film platform has been launched in the capital, with the help of which it will be possible to rent pavilions and studios, organize full-scale filming at iconic venues of the city, rent costumes, props and equipment.

According to the website of the mayor's office, the decree on the beginning of the experiment was signed by the mayor of the city Sergey Sobyanin.

"A pilot project will be launched in Moscow to create the Moscow digital film platform film.moscow - a single access point to the entire range of city services and services for the organization of filming and production of television programs. Film studios and film crews will be able to rent pavilions and studios, conduct full-scale filming at iconic venues of the city, rent costumes, props and equipment," the message says.

The platform will work on the principle of a single window. The film.moscow information base will feature 12 filming sites, including 82 pavilions (Ostankino, Enthusiast, Maxim Gorky Film Studio, Glavkino, Amedia, My Studio, METMASH and others), more than 200 objects for filming, including streets, neighborhoods, parks, estates, museums, and about 30 film schools.

Also on the platform will be presented four film clusters, equipment for filming, including cinema lighting, camera equipment, special effects, grip and farms, switching, transport (grimwagens, costume cars, actor cars, buses, minivans, group buses, junk cars and camerawagens, light bases with generators, skylights, cars); costumes and props, which includes about 240 thousand pieces of furniture, uniforms, props, decorations, military props and other objects.

With the help of the film platform, producers will be able to apply for city financial support, including for the export and adaptation of products, for example, duplication, as well as for filming on the territory of the capital and creating an image of Moscow in the cinema.

The Mayor's office hopes that the film platform will strengthen Moscow's position as the largest center of the film industry, as well as increase the competitiveness of Russian film production in the world.