OREANDA-NEWS Aircraft of the Black Sea Fleet (Black Sea Fleet) destroyed four high-speed military boats with the landing of the Armed Forces of Ukraine off the coast of Crimea. This was reported by the Russian Defense Ministry.

"On September 4, 2023, at night in the northwestern part of the Black Sea, four high-speed military boats manufactured by the US Willard Sea Force with amphibious groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, following in the direction of Cape Tarkhankut of the Crimean coast, were destroyed by the aircraft of the Black Sea Fleet naval aviation," the report says.

The Willard Sea Force series boats are used by the US Marine Corps. They have several modifications — from a low-power boat for six crew members to a 12-meter Sea Force 1000 model for 26 people. They are inflatable boats equipped with one or two engines and water cannons. They are not equipped with any weapons.

The Ministry of Defense has repeatedly reported on the destruction of ships and boats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On August 30, the Russian military department twice reported the destruction of Ukrainian landing boats east of Zmeiny Island in the Black Sea. The Su-30 fighter jet worked for the first time, and the Su—24 bomber for the second time.