OREANDA-NEWS  In Russia, they decided to control the breeding of animals and the sale of their offspring. The corresponding amendments to the federal law "On Responsible Treatment of Animals" were prepared by the deputy head of the State Duma Committee on Ecology Vladimir Burmatov, Kommersant reports.

The deputy proposed to establish requirements for the breeding of animals, the conditions of their maintenance and labeling and to compile a list of cases allowing their sale. We are talking mainly about dogs and cats, the lack of control over the breeding of which "leads to cruelty to animals, epidemics of diseases transmitted, including to humans, and destructive consequences for offspring in general," he added.

"This is a boom in bullying of animals, since even basic sanitary and veterinary requirements are not observed among the "divorcees". Moreover, it leads to a vicious circle. Because buyers think: "Why don't we mating ourselves to sell purebred kittens or puppies?". But they forget about the genetic mutations that arise in the process of such thoughtless mating," said Olga Kelly, director of the Beriginya Center for homeless Animals.

It is not easy to get rid of the "gray" breeders because of the high demand for their work, said Natalia Kirillova, owner of the French bulldog kennel Nals Vista Vizard. According to her, people continue to believe that animal documents cost "a lot of money." At the same time, the lack of registration of the litter speaks only about the negligence of the seller — and the absence of his guarantees and liability.

Earlier, Burmatov proposed to oblige breeders to register and vaccinate pets, as well as pay taxes on their activities. According to him, this will solve the problem of the so-called "black breeders" who are engaged in commercial breeding of animals in inappropriate conditions and without giving any guarantees for the health and pedigree data of pets.