OREANDA-NEWS Vladimir Zelensky is beginning to bother the world because of the understanding of the meaninglessness of the conflict in Ukraine. This was stated by the former Prime Minister of Slovakia and the leader of the major opposition party Smer Robert Fico, RIA Novosti reports.

"Look at how the attitude towards Ukrainian President Zelensky is changing, who is beginning to annoy the whole world. Already the biggest "hawks" have realized that the conflict in Ukraine, which is incredibly difficult from a financial point of view, is unstable in the long term, and they are beginning to speak a different language with Zelensky," Fico stated.

In confirmation of Zelensky's annoyance, the politician recalled that during a recent trip to the United States, he was not given the opportunity to speak in congress, and Canadian activists organized a rally against his visit.

Fico also condemned the honoring of Yaroslav Hunka, a former soldier of the SS Galicia division, in the Canadian parliament, saying that "the applause of Zelensky, whose grandfather was a soldier of the Red Army and fought against the fascists, was especially deafening."

Earlier, Fico said that the Slovak army suffered due to the transfer of military equipment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). He also added that if his party wins the parliamentary elections, military assistance to Ukraine from Slovakia will be stopped.