OREANDA-NEWS The volume of investments in the drone industry in Russia in the next three to six years may reach 1 trillion rubles, the CEO of Yakov and Partners (McKinsey's successor in Russia) told RIA Novosti Yakov Sergienko at the Eastern Economic Forum (WEF-2023).

"We are now starting a new national project on drones, and a whole industry is also emerging here... According to various estimates, there is a potential investment volume of up to a trillion rubles. In the horizon of three to six years," Sergienko said.

"Both from the point of view of productivity, if we are discussing agriculture, as from the point of view of the reliability of linear infrastructure, if we are talking about rail transport, electric transport, transport infrastructure, if we are thinking about the electric grid, it will all be connected with drones and with a new industry," he explained.
He added that the approximate assessment of the portfolio of confirmed orders of the industry "is already measured in the region of 70-100 billion rubles, there is already a clear logic of orders for Russian manufacturers."