OREANDA-NEWSRussian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday will hold talks with the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Yousef Ahmed Al-Usaymin, who is in the Russian capital on a working visit. As noted in the comments of the Russian diplomatic agency, the parties will discuss issues of progressively developing relations between Russia and the OIC. The Russian Foreign Minister and the Secretary General of the organization will consider the promotion of political dialogue in order to ensure greater mutual understanding of the parties and a rapprochement of positions on key international and regional issues, as well as work to counter terrorism.

Lavrov and al-Usaymin will also affect the aggravated situation in the Persian Gulf and the need to prevent the emergence of armed confrontation there. In addition, an exchange of views will be held on international assistance in resolving conflicts in OIC countries: Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan and Sudan. The ministry added that the parties will discuss the problems of Palestinian-Israeli relations and Jerusalem, as well as ideas being promoted in the region, suggesting a rejection of a two-state solution to the Palestinian problem and a departure from the international legal basis for its settlement.

The diplomatic department stressed that the Russian Federation and the OIC unites adherence to the principles of equality and justice in interstate relations, peaceful settlement of conflicts and disputes on a legal basis. "For us, the necessity of a decisive and consistent opposition to the actions and ideology of terrorists, and the unification of the efforts of the entire international community for this, is obvious", the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

OIC is the largest international organization after the UN, which unites 57 countries. The decision to create it was taken at a meeting of leaders of Muslim countries in September 1969 in Morocco. Since 2005, the Russian Federation has been interacting with it as an observer state.