OREANDA-NEWS  The overwhelming majority (91 percent) of Russian companies said they felt a shortage of personnel. Half of the firms reported a shortage of mass staff, including sellers, operators and drivers, according to the results of a survey conducted by analysts of the job search service and employees "Jobs.ru".

More than 400 business representatives from all Russian regions took part in the September survey. It turned out that 43 percent of companies are experiencing a shortage of working specialists, including locksmiths, welders, turners and seamstresses. Another 22 percent of firms reported a shortage of managers (managers and project managers).

To a lesser extent, the shortage of personnel affected such professions as engineers (18 percent), IT and HR specialists (12 percent each), marketers and accountants (seven percent each), analysts, top managers and builders (five percent each), designers (four percent) and lawyers (two percent).

The majority (62 percent) of Russian companies named an increase in employee salaries as the main measure to combat the personnel shortage. Among the other most popular options for attracting job seekers from business representatives were the active development of the employer's brand (43 percent) and improvement of working conditions (40 percent).

At the end of August, Forbes, citing the results of a survey by the IT integrator Krok, reported an acute shortage of programmers in Russia. A similar problem was reported by 78 percent of Russian companies. As a result of the personnel shortage, it has become more difficult for business representatives to ensure the smooth operation of IT systems and processes. Earlier, the head of the Ministry of Finance Maksut Shadaev estimated the scale of the shortage of programmers in the Russian market at 500-700 thousand people.