OREANDA-NEWS. The United States can arm Ukraine and, under this cover, push extremists to certain regions of Russia, for example, to Crimea. This was stated by President Vladimir Putin at the board of the Ministry of Defense, adding that this is not thousands of kilometers from the country's border, it is «at the threshold of our house». The meeting is broadcast on the website of the channel Russia 24.

«There are no hypersonic weapons in the US yet, but we know when it will appear. They will deliver it to Ukraine. This does not mean that it will be used tomorrow, because we already have Zircon, but they do not have it yet. But under this cover, they will arm and push extremists from a neighboring state to Russia, well, say, Crimea», he said.

Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that according to the defense department, more than 120 employees of American PMCs arrived in eastern Ukraine, who train Ukrainian special forces, as well as equip firing positions at socially significant facilities and in residential buildings.

Vladimir Putin added that with the advent of NATO infrastructure in Ukraine, the flight time of conventional missiles to the Russian capital may be reduced to seven to ten minutes, and hypersonic missiles - up to five. According to Putin, the deployment of alliance facilities in Ukraine could become a serious challenge to Russia and could lead to another round of confrontation.