OREANDA-NEWS. The German delegation held talks with high-ranking representatives of the radical Islamist Taliban movement. The representative of the German Foreign Ministry said this on Monday, October 11. According to him, at the meeting in Doha, it was about the possibility of safe and unhindered departure from Afghanistan persons to whom «Germany bears a special responsibility».

In addition, the parties discussed issues of respect for human rights, especially women, as well as security and terrorist threats. The German side again made it clear that it would evaluate the Taliban by their actions, not words, the Foreign Ministry stressed.

A few days earlier, the Taliban held talks with the US delegation in Doha. The sides discussed security issues, the fight against terrorism, human rights, humanitarian assistance and providing citizens of the United States, Afghanistan and other states with the opportunity to safely leave the Islamic Republic. The meeting in the capital of Qatar does not mean that Washington recognizes the rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the United States State Department stressed.

After the withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan, Taliban militants entered Kabul on August 15, and on September 3 announced the establishment of control over the whole of Afghanistan. In September, they announced the creation of a transitional Government. The international community does not recognize the Taliban Government.