OREANDA-NEWS  President Vladimir Putin equated the presentation of identity documents using the mobile application "Gosuslugi" to their paper version, follows from the decree on the portal of the official publication of legal acts.

So, a citizen will be able to provide information about himself in electronic form. This information will be equated to the data contained in the paper version of the documents.

It is specified that it will be possible to submit documents in electronic form at will. At the same time, encryption (cryptographic) tools will be used in the mobile application.

In addition, the head of state instructed the government to compile a list of documents that can be provided online. The authorities must also approve the procedure for using the application "Public Services", the composition of information and the way they are processed.

In turn, the Ministry of Finance will maintain a register of legal entities and their types of activities, for which information transmitted electronically is used.