OREANDA-NEWS Russia is jamming GPS communications on foreign ships in the territorial waters of Romania, which creates a risk of collisions between ships. This was stated by the Chief of Staff of the army, General Daniel Petrescu, Romania Journal reports.

"The conflict in Ukraine fundamentally destabilized the Black Sea region and caused a sense of insecurity among the coastal countries, which had consequences for the security situation," the military said.

Petrescu added that due to the fighting, instability is growing on the borders of NATO, as incidents with the erroneous fall of missiles or drones are possible. Petrescu warned about a possible attack of Romanian facilities by mistake.

Earlier, Romania extended restrictions on flights in part of its airspace along the border with Ukraine. The restrictions were extended against the background of the discovery of drone parts in the area of the cities of Nuferul and Victoria in Tulcha. According to the Romanian Ministry of Defense, the debris found is similar to those used by Russia.