OREANDA-NEWS  Roslesinforg has published a satellite image of a 25-meter fir tree from Fryanovo near Moscow, which will decorate Red Square with the status of the main New Year tree in 2023.

"The title of Kremlin beauty this year was awarded to a 25-meter spruce from the Fryanovo village near Moscow. The age of the tree is 84 years, the diameter of the trunk is 60 centimeters," the organization said in a press release.

According to Roslesinforg, as a rule, 50-70 trees become applicants for the main Christmas tree of the country every year.

The main requirements are a smooth and non–curved trunk, an even cone-shaped crown with not too thick needles, so as not to shade the garland and Christmas decorations.

Another condition is a convenient location so that heavy machinery for transportation can easily pass to the tree.