OREANDA-NEWS  Russian chain of stores re:Store, specializing in the sale of Apple equipment, expands the range of products from other manufacturers, changes the brand concept and logo: the first updated store opened under the sign restore: in Moscow, the company said.

"The network of hardware and electronics stores restore: (part of the Inventive Retail Group) for the first time since the beginning of its work on the market announced a change in the stylistic and semantic concept of the brand. It was presented by a new store of the chain, which opened on September 14 on Neglinnaya Street 8/10 in Moscow," the release says.

The representatives of the chain explained that the update of visual elements - the logo, the design of shop windows, the formats of the display of goods - reflects changes in the business strategy and market positioning of the company. "The colon transfer symbolizes the transition of stores from a single-brand to a multi-brand format, flexibility and openness to experiments," the company said.

In the stores of the chain, now, in addition to Apple products, a new diverse range of equipment and electronics from various manufacturers is presented. The company began to expand the range back in 2022, now there will be more such products: products of leading world brands in the categories of household goods, sports, recreation, games, music and entertainment will appear in stores.