OREANDA-NEWS  Prices in fast food cafes in Russia are currently growing by 1-2 percent per month, the same growth is expected in the future. He told me about it NEWS.ru founder of the Teremok cafe chain Mikhail Goncharov.

The increase in prices is due to the increase in the cost of products and salaries to employees, the entrepreneur explained. In catering, food prices make up 27 percent of the cost of meals. For example, if products become more expensive by 10 percent in a few months, a dish can increase in price by three percent.

The entrepreneur recalled that in the spring of 2022, prices in the fast food market jumped by 12-18 percent, and since the spring of 2023, they have been growing by 1-2 percent per month. This is due to the tactics of companies that have decided to raise prices smoothly, but regularly. Goncharov believes that no sharp jumps are expected in this direction by the end of the year. According to him, there may be "two or three" increases of 1-2 percent.