OREANDA-NEWS The next generation of Russian spacesuits which are being developed for outer space can be used on Moon. To do this, it is only need to create special pants with hinges.

“If we talk about the prospects of a flight to Moon, the next-generation Orlan spacesuit can be used for landing and work on its surface,” said Sergey Pozdnyakov, chief designer of the Zvezda Research and Production Enterprise in an interview.

To use the spacesuit on Moon, the hard part is proposed to be made shorter in order to add mobility. In addition, astronauts will need pants with hinges to move on the surface of Moon, but their creation is the task of the future. Now they are not used, because the legs in outer space are needed only for fixation in special Anchor devices.

According to Pozdnyakov, a new spacesuit for man’s work in space can be created within four years. Its body is proposed for the first time to be made of composite materials. Composites can reduce the mass of the structure while maintaining or improving its mechanical characteristics. At the same time, Pozdnyakov said that modern aluminum cuirass provides additional protection for vital organs.