OREANDA-NEWS. The year 2022 will be "decisive" for Ukraine, with the country facing the main goal of "inevitable change", Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a programme column published in Novoe Vremya magazine.

He also outlined the main directions of his policy for the implementation of this goal.

Continued infrastructure reform - "the most ambitious renewal in 50 years" of Ukraine. He also recalled that the law on oligarchs comes into force in Ukraine starting this May.

According to him, the listed areas will change and strengthen the country so that Ukrainians can always "respond to any blow, internal or external". "The future life of Ukraine depends on the success of 2022,"- the Ukrainian leader concluded.

In his New Year's address, Zelensky called his main goal to end the war in eastern Ukraine. He pointed to the need to "remove the line of demarcation in his head," and then, he said, the front in Donbas would disappear.

With his first decree in 2022, the Ukrainian president appointed General Yuriy Halushkin, who had taken part in military operations in Kosovo in 2001-2002 and in eastern Ukraine since 2014, as commander of the territorial defence forces of the country's armed forces.

In November 2021, Zelenskyy signed the law on preventing threats to national security from the influence of oligarchs. The law bans individuals officially classified as oligarchs from making contributions (directly or through others) to political party budgets, as well as being a buyer or beneficiary of a purchaser of "big privatisation" facilities.