OREANDA-NEWS  The magistrate of the judicial precinct No. 422 of the Tagansky district of Moscow, Timur Vakhrameev, fined the Wikimedia Foundation, which publishes the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, 2 million rubles, Interfax reported. The judge found the foundation guilty of failing to delete information at the request of the authorities (part 2 of Article 13.41 of the Code of Administrative Offences). The maximum fine for this part of the article for legal entities is 4 million rubles.

In January 2023, the foundation was charged with refusing to remove information from Wikipedia that the Prosecutor General's Office considered unreliable and about which it sent a request for deletion. It was about encyclopedia articles about some Russian military units, as well as materials related to aspects of the "military special operation"* Russia in Ukraine.

The defender of the Wikimedia Foundation asked the court to stop the proceedings in the case. He pointed out that an administrative investigation had not been conducted, and there were no references in the requirements of the Prosecutor General's Office that would prove the unreliability of the information provided.