OREANDA-NEWS Income tax receipts for individuals at an increased rate credited to the federal budget in January-May 2024 increased by 157%, that is, budget revenues from the so-called tax on the rich - personal income tax at a rate of 15% - increased more than 1.5 times in five months, Izvestia writes with reference to the press- the service of the Federal Tax Service.

Over the five months of this year, according to the publication, the Federal Budget received 57.6 billion rubles of such taxes. And for the same period in 2023, these revenues amounted to 36.5 billion rubles. Personal income tax at an increased rate of 15% instead of the basic 13% is now paid by individuals whose annual income exceeds 5 million rubles (approximately 417 thousand rubles per month).

The increased rate applies only to the amount above this value. At the same time, fees at the rate of 2% are credited to the federal budget, and from there – in a targeted manner to the Circle of Goodness fund for the treatment of seriously ill children. Income tax revenues at the rate of 13% are distributed to regional budgets.