Culture and leisure: articles for 12.04.2017

12.04.2017, 16:16
IU Jacobs School of Music alumnus Lawrence Brownlee appointed artistic advisor at Opera Philadelphia
12.04.2017, 16:15
Jazz trumpeter John Raymond appointed to IU Jacobs School of Music faculty
12.04.2017, 16:14
Indiana University Opera Theater, at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, will present an unprecedented six new productions—including five operas and one musical—during its 2017-18 season, in tandem with three productions by IU Ballet Theater.
12.04.2017, 15:16
This is the story of how the British Museum became a cat haven, and how they eventually came to be on the Museum payroll, thanks in large part to a British Museum cleaner affectionately referred to as the ‘Cat Man’.

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