Culture and leisure: articles for 24.06.2019

24.06.2019, 20:35
Will make amendments about reduction of number of reports of teachers to the Labor code, the minister of education Olga Vasilyeva said.
24.06.2019, 20:34
24.06.2019, 19:34
Gerard Depardieu can play Leo Tolstoy in the Russian film
24.06.2019, 19:06
The sister Vachovski will remove new "Matrix". Shooting which received the working name "Project Ice Cream" will begin in 2020. Currently details of a plot are not disclosed, but there is an assumption that it will be not full restart, but expansion of already familiar Universe.
24.06.2019, 18:44
The humorist Efim Shifrin accused Bari Alibasov of plagiarism of "wonderful healing" on air of the Russian television.
24.06.2019, 18:29

The cartoon “Toy Story - 4” became the leader in cinemas in Russia and other CIS countries from June 20 to 23.

24.06.2019, 18:04
The film company Kinodanz abandoned claim claims to the blogger of BadComedian (Evgeny Bazhenov).
24.06.2019, 16:35

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