OREANDA-NEWS. MSTU named after  N. E. Bauman in conjunction with the Physics Institute.  P.N. Lebedev developed the nanosatellites of the Yarilo project for studying the Sun.  They plan to launch into orbit in 2020, according to the Youth Space Center of MSTU.

 “We plan in 2020 to launch using a launch vehicle into a sun-synchronous orbit (about 600 km) as a passing load,” the center said.

 It is assumed that nanosatellites will record solar activity in the x-ray range.  The operation of the spacecraft will also make it possible to obtain an operational forecast of the state of the interplanetary medium.

 The grouping will include two microsatellites, which will be "scattered in orbit using the solar sail."  Communication with the devices will be maintained from the Mission Control Center of MSTU.  The university noted that "the LPI provides a payload (X-ray spectrophotometer), because the laboratory cannot afford to buy it."