OREANDA-NEWS. The Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation issued a second warning to the online hotel booking service Booking.com due to the imposition of a price parity condition on hotels and hostels.

This was reported on the agency’s website. “The aggregator imposed conditions on hotels, hostels and other accommodation facilities on the need for mandatory provision and compliance with price parity, availability of rooms and conditions in all sales (distribution) channels of hotel services contained in agreements concluded between the company and the conditional hotel,” representatives of the Antimonopoly Service explained.

If a hotel entered into an agreement with Booking.com on the publication of data on certain conditions, then it could not offer more favourable conditions (prices, availability and types of rooms). According to the Federal Antimonopoly Service, this is how the service ensured a dominant position among other aggregators in the market for providing information about hotels and imposed deliberately unfavourable conditions.