OREANDA-NEWS. April 12, 2018. The kyu Collective, a strategic operating unit of Hakuhodo DY Holdings (HDY), announced that it has acquired a majority stake in six-year-old independent digital marketing services company Kepler Group.

Kepler’s integrated digital offering helps advertisers more precisely and profitably engage consumers across media and customer marketing channels. Utilizing its transparent buying model and proprietary targeting and campaign management platform, the fast-rising agency manages cross-channel customer marketing and nearly $300 million in media spend. It works on behalf of such clients as American Express, Bed Bath & Beyond, J.Crew, Fidelity, and 1-800 Contacts. 

“Kepler continues to be one of the fastest growing digital marketing services companies because the company exemplifies the future of scientific marketing,” explained Michael Birkin, CEO of kyu. “They are a great addition to The kyu Collective of member companies who represent the future in their domain: one of a kind, disruptive, and forward-thinking.”

Kepler has built a powerful differentiator, the Kepler Intelligence Platform™ (KIP), its own software platform that integrates and customizes target data to deliver highly personal marketing across multiple platforms and channels. KIP is distinguished by its ability to centralize data integration, automate campaign design and optimization, and deliver real-time insights.  With a deep bench of senior level marketing, tech and business strategists, Kepler’s investment in its 170 employee base has earned the agency past rankings as one of the “Best Places to Work” on Glassdoor and Ad Age.

In addition to being part of kyu, Kepler will also have access to the resources of kyu’s parent company Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc., which has made significant investments in next-generation media. These resources will also be important as Kepler expands its footprint in global markets.

kyu has made a number of strategic acquisitions since its founding in 2014. Its member companies include BEworks, C2, Digital Kitchen, Hornall Anderson, IDEO, RedPeak Group, Sid Lee, and SYPartners

About Kepler

Kepler, founded in 2012, is an independent provider of digital and database services to Fortune 500 clients in the financial services, travel, retail, healthcare and other industries. Utilizing its proprietary Kepler Intelligence Platform™, the company actively manages client programs in over two dozen countries worldwide. Kepler is headquartered in New York City and also has offices in San Francisco, Chicago and Philadelphia. More information can be found at www.keplergrp.com.

About kyu

kyu is a strategic operating unit of Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc. (HDY). It was created in May 2014 to help drive the continuous enhancement of specialization and innovation in the Hakuhodo DY Group. The kyu collective is headquartered in New York and its member companies include BEworks, C2, Digital Kitchen, Hornall Anderson, IDEO,  RedPeak Group, Sid Lee, and SYPartners.