OREANDA-NEWS In 2022, Russian large and medium—sized enterprises spent 310 billion rubles on the creation and purchase of software - this is a record investment over the past years. On average, this is 3.8 million rubles for each enterprise. This is stated in the study of the analytical service of the audit and consulting network FinExpertiza. 

Analysts stressed that the business was stimulated by the departure of foreign software developers from the Russian market. This is especially true for those for whom computer security and stable functioning of the IT infrastructure are a prerequisite for work. "The crisis situation has created a window of opportunity for Russian developers and has given impetus to the active development of the domestic IT industry," said Elena Trubnikova, head of FinExpertiza.

The main investments in software were made by enterprises in the field of information and communications (this is directly the field of IT, as well as telecommunications, television and radio, publishing, production of various content; 131.3 billion rubles), manufacturing industry (61.2 billion), wholesale and retail trade (35 billion), professional, scientific and technical activities (this includes law, audit, consulting, engineering and technical design, research and development, advertising; 27.5 billion), as well as the transport industry and warehousing (14 billion).

In about a quarter of the regions, companies on average allocated over a million rubles per year for computer software. The leaders in this indicator were the business of the Tyumen Region (10.9 million rubles per enterprise), Moscow (10.3 million), St. Petersburg (9.1 million), the Magadan Region (8.9 million) and the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (4.5 million). The least amount of money was spent on software by large and medium-sized businesses in Kalmykia (0.4 thousand rubles per enterprise), North Ossetia (1.9 thousand rubles), Dagestan (3 thousand), Ingushetia (6 thousand) and Chechnya (6.2 thousand).