IT, Media: articles for 06.09.2019

06.09.2019, 14:37
Researchers from the company Wandera has refuted the popular myth that marketers of large technology corporations are listening on smartphones, with apps such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.
06.09.2019, 14:28
Voronezh doctors plan in 2020 to introduce an artificial intelligence system in the region to process the results of chest x-ray studies.
06.09.2019, 12:06
Astrophysicists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) first recorded an asteroid that changes color.
06.09.2019, 11:56
Ford studies show that drivers don't trust electric cars in bad weather and don't find it fun to drive them.  To change this perception, the company has new teasers showing its future Mustang-style electric crossover.
06.09.2019, 11:51
Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he had not seen anything more beautiful in the world than Kamchatka.
06.09.2019, 11:34
Facebook teamed up with Microsoft and several universities to conduct a competition to develop technology that recognizes deepfake video.
06.09.2019, 11:21
Two-time Olympic champion in run on 800 m caster Semenya decided to become a football player. She signed a contract with the South African team JVW, the press service of the team.
06.09.2019, 11:13
Apple has launched a web version of the Apple Music music service.  She is currently in early beta testing
06.09.2019, 08:57
The commercial director of Animaccord Group Alexei Merkulov said that the Russian animated series Masha and the Bear will be available for rent in 89 cinemas in the UK and Ireland on September 20.

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