Air transport

03.03.2021, 16:34
For the first time, such trips appeared in the 1990s to promote home tourism.
26.02.2021, 15:12

This is 15 times more than in 2019.

25.02.2021, 12:07

European leadership is lost between ignorance of recent events and long-standing stereotypes, writes journalist Xavier Rofe in the French edition of Atlantico.

11.02.2021, 12:16

The services of the Frankfurt airport, the government of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Foreign Ministry refused to answer RIA Novosti's questions regarding the details of Yulia Navalny's arrival in Germany.

10.02.2021, 17:57
Ukraine offers NATO to use the airspace near Crimea for air operations. This information is reported by the news agency "Crimea. Realities".
10.02.2021, 16:52

According to «Interfax», the wife of the opposition politician went to Germany.

01.02.2021, 11:04

The plane was in the sky for more than 15.5 hours.

27.01.2021, 11:10

Today, January 27, Russia resumes flights interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic with four more countries - Finland, Vietnam, India and Qatar.

22.01.2021, 13:49
The Interdepartmental Coordination Council under the Prime Minister of Georgia for the fight against COVID-19 decided from February 1 to lift the ban on regular flights, which has been in effect in the country since March 2020 due to the pandemic.
21.01.2021, 11:22

According to the government of the Khabarovsk Territory, the first serial fighter of the fifth generation Su-57 was transferred to one of the aviation regiments of the Southern Military District of the Russian Federation.

12.01.2021, 10:53

As reported in the operational headquarters to combat the spread of coronavirus infection, Russia is extending the suspension of flights with the UK.

08.01.2021, 17:20
The reason for the fall could be a piloting error or a technical malfunction.
08.01.2021, 13:29

The corporation will settle the charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States, which were previously brought by the Department of Justice.

31.12.2020, 14:43

According to the press service of the Moscow Interregional Transport Prosecutor's Office, the department began an audit in connection with the cancellation and delay of a number of flights at the airports of the Moscow air hub.

28.12.2020, 10:32

The Russian Ministry of Defense has published on its website a calendar for 2021, which presents samples of modern weapons. Among them, the department for the first time officially presented a photo of the Orion drone in a shock version.


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