OREANDA-NEWS. Former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Anna Gopko was surprised that after the agreement between the United States and Germany on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, no one offered Ukraine billions of dollars in compensation.

On the air of the "Espresso" channel, she accused the Western states that they concluded an agreement behind Kiev's back and at the same time did not promise anything to the country's authorities in return.

"Neither security guarantees, I mean the prospects for NATO membership, nor guarantees in terms of strengthening the defense capability of Ukraine - billions to strengthen our armed forces in case of a real invasion," the ex-deputy complained.

Gopko said that in the spring Russia was pulling troops to the border with Ukraine.

"We did not hear any financial compensations, also billions of US dollars. We did not hear any specifics what Ukraine will receive in return if Nord Stream 2 is completed," she said.

On the eve of Germany and the United States published a joint statement on Nord Stream 2. The document notes that in order to implement the project, it is necessary to ensure the continued supply of raw materials from Russia through Ukraine after 2024. In addition, Berlin has pledged to seek sanctions against Moscow if the Kremlin uses energy exports "as a weapon."