IT, Media: articles for 01.07.2019

01.07.2019, 16:55
 On the Internet, a video was published in which users can see the advanced Mosin rifle.  The staff from the military-technical forum "Army-2019" shared the TV channel "Star". 
01.07.2019, 16:48
Moscow authorities intend to introduce in the city new digital services in the healthcare sector, including access to an electronic medical record and the creation of a vaccination plan for children.
01.07.2019, 16:16
The Glavkosmos company (part of Roscosmos) and the Center for Manned Space Flight of the Indian Space Research Organization have signed a contract to support the selection.
01.07.2019, 11:49
On Monday, the Moscow Zoo launches online video broadcasting from the enclosures of pandas Zhui and Dindin, which were brought from China.

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