OREANDA-NEWS. Egyptologist Zahi Hawass debunked the popular myth that the construction of the Egyptian pyramids is the work of aliens. According to him, scientists have irrefutable evidence that the grandiose structures were built by ordinary people.

Conspiracy theorists claim that the Egyptian pyramids were built by aliens, because people simply cannot build something like this. Havvas is convinced that even now it is impossible to do this.

According to the expert, the construction of the pyramids was a kind of national project for the Egyptians. The king, after his death, goes to the afterlife kingdom and becomes a God. Therefore, the belief in the afterlife kingdom pushed the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt to feats: they turned out giant stones of perfect size and made pyramids out of them.

Zahi Hawass stressed that scientists have clear evidence that these were really people. This, in particular, is indicated by the diaries of builders found near the tombs. The scientist believes that people of the XXI century cannot do this, because 10 thousand people a day must work for 32 years in a row to create such a structure.