OREANDA-NEWS  He was 84. The symbol of an entire era. First of all, Rezo Gabriadze was known as the author of scripts for the cult-favourite films "Mimino", "Do not cry!", "Kin-dza-dza!".

But Rezo Levanovich did not consider cinema as his main vocation. Much closer, by his own admission, there were painting, graphics, sculpture.

By the way, he is the author of the “Chizhik-Pyzhik” statuette and the monument to Major Kovalev's Nose in St. Petersburg. In the early 80s, Rezo Gabriadze founded a puppet theater in Tbilisi, which toured all over the world, and tourists fell in love with the theater building with its unusual architecture.

Delicate, heart-pounding, brilliant and at the same time very modest, all his work is filled with a special magic inherent only to him: “Probably one of the ways to escape from loneliness. To the balcony. Art from God, probably like everyone else. Difficult question. Very difficult".

In memory of Rezo Levanovich, Channel One is going to broadcast today after midnight an interview he gave to Vladimir Pozner.