Veterinary medicine

03.03.2022, 13:06
Rising prices, logistics problems and general consumer nervousness caused by geopolitical tensions have led to a stir in the pet food market.
13.10.2017, 12:28
Stressing the damaging impact on poor rural communities in Africa and South-East Asia of animal tuberculosis’ (bovine TB) transmission to humans, United Nations health experts launched the first-ever roadmap to combat the so-called zoonotic TB.
12.10.2017, 12:51
Since the early 1900s, veterinarians have observed intervertebral disc disease — a common cause of back pain, rear limb paralysis and inability to walk — more frequently in dogs with short legs.
07.04.2017, 17:55

Puffin pairs that follow similar migration routes breed more successfully the following season, a new Oxford University study has found.


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