OREANDA-NEWS. The government of Russia did not introduce a delay on the transfer of servers with data on residents of the country. According to RBC news agency, this follows from the plan for economic recovery, which was approved last week.

It was previously planned to introduce a delay until October 30, 2022. This was beneficial for services such as Facebook and Twitter, which were previously fined for failing to comply with the requirement of servers transfer.

It is planned to introduce a postponement only for air ticket booking systems. The press service of the government confirmed that the delay will not affect social networks. A representative of the cabinet did not explain why it was decided not to grant the delay to other companies.

In February 2020, Facebook and Twitter were fined 4 million roubles (about 50 thousand US dollars) for refusing to transfer servers with data of Russian users to Russia. Both companies decided not to pay fines.