OREANDA-NEWS. Political strategist Marat Bashirov said that Bloomberg's material about the build-up of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine could be an attempt to sabotage the negotiation process.

In an interview with Lenta.Ru on Friday, December 24, Bashirov pointed out the presence of forces in NATO that are not satisfied with the course of US President Joe Biden towards a peaceful settlement of the situation.

The expert suggested that the statement about Russian troops on the border with Ukraine is part of a campaign for information pressure on the Russian Federation. Bashirov drew attention to the fact that the footage, which allegedly proves the buildup of troops on the border, is of extremely low quality. They also contain signs of editing.

“There is active resistance to the actions taken by the US presidential administration, trying to find some balance points. As a result, publications are simply shoved with fake insiders, and no one really understands photographs, although there are elements of Photoshop. So all this has nothing to do with the real state of affairs, only with the internal struggle, ”the political strategist is convinced.

Meanwhile, Bashirov expressed confidence that Biden's position would win. In particular, this is indicated by the reaction of his administration to the announcement of an impending provocation by the American group with the use of chemical weapons in the Donbass.

“When Shoigu announced that there would be an attempt at provocation, the Biden administration denied this within a few hours. Then I was very surprised by the speed, ”the specialist noted.

He explained that the verification process would take more time, and in this situation, Biden, according to him, simply requested information on the situation from the special services, and "it was a frank signal to him."