OREANDA-NEWS. An unknown person put a dummy grenade on the investigator's BMW. Svetlana Fesinets — Lieutenant Colonel of Justice, investigator of the investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Moscow region. She mainly investigates economic crimes. Last night, a woman called the police and reported that she found an object similar to a grenade on her BMW parked near the EuroPark shopping center.

The police arrived at the scene, the security forces interviewed witnesses and looked through the cameras. There were an unknown man. He approached a car parked on the Rublevsky highway, put a dummy grenade on it and left. It was dummy F-1 grenade.

The security forces classify this case as a threat in connection with professional activities. A criminal case has been initiated. Lieutenant Colonel of Justice Svetlana Fesinets wrote a statement. The circumstances of the incident are being established.