IT, Media: articles for 01.06.2021

01.06.2021, 16:41
Marina Zolotova and Elena Tolkacheva have been remanded in custody, both facing up to 7 years in prison.
01.06.2021, 15:24

Restrictions are imposed on companies, with a daily audience of more than 500 thousand users.

01.06.2021, 12:23
In 1960, as a special correspondent of «Izvestia», he accompanied Khrushchev on a trip to the countries of the East.
01.06.2021, 11:55
In Libya, a combat drone, while in autonomous mode, carried out an attack on people, according to Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, citing a report by UN experts.
01.06.2021, 10:27

All those who came into contact with the infected were placed under medical supervision, there are no cases among them yet.

01.06.2021, 10:08

The video hosting YouTube has changed the terms of use in Russia and other countries since June 1, according to the company's website.

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