Communication: articles for 20.08.2019

20.08.2019, 22:41
The humanoid robot Fedor, whose departure to the International Space Station (ISS) is scheduled for August 22, launched an Instagram page.
20.08.2019, 22:18
It became known that WhatsApp Messenger is in talks with several payment companies in Indonesia.  With their help, he is going to offer mobile transaction services to users. 
20.08.2019, 18:42
Social network Twitter has introduced a ban on the publication of advertising the state media on its platform, according to a published on the website of the company the statement.
20.08.2019, 18:19
Google AI Labs presented a technology that recognizes hand gestures using a camera on a smartphone.  In the present tense, the program can translate words shown in the language of the deaf-mute.
20.08.2019, 16:19
Bankers propose introducing a new option into practice - legally allow cards to be blocked if it is suspected of crediting fraudulently received funds to them. 

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